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At our 12,500 square-foot facility in Central Florida, Kendal Signs utilizes modern, state-of-the-art equipment to manufacture a wide range of sign products. Superior craftsmanship is integrated into every Kendal Signs project ensuring that your product is of the highest quality available. As an MET-Approved shop (complies with UL 48), our clients can feel comfortable knowing that our products are both safe and reliable.

Please choose a category below to view specific examples of our work.

Channel Letters

Channel Letters can be fabricated in reverse, open face and standard U-shaped channels. Channel letters can be mounted individually or on a raceway, and can be lit with neon or with LEDs.

Monument Signs

Monument Signs are typically built to identity your property, and reinforce your business in a appealing manner. They are are positioned at ground level, "monolithic" in appearance, and designed to identify a place of business to motorists or pedestrians passing by.

Pylon Signs

Pylon Signs, also known as pole signs, are characterized by a support structure consisting of poles or columns, and a sign cabinet located at the top of the pole.

LED Display Retrofits

LED Message Centers, or Electronic Message Centers, add increased functionality to your existing freestanding monument or pylon sign.

Wall Signs

Wall signs range from lighted cabinet signs to individual flat cutout or dimensional letters, to custom-shaped panned fabricated aluminum signs, like the example shown above.


Kendal Signs has the capabilities to fabricate a variety of non-illuminated and illuminated commercial awnings and canopies in custom shapes and sizes.